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God answers

Thank you for praying for writers to join the team that puts out daily news stories every day. One writer has joined our team, and another is on the way.

You may remember reading a call to prayer and help by the NTM Communications department in Sanford, Florida. The folks who serve faithfully in these supportive departments are all about seeing tribal people who have no other way of hearing the gospel, reached. They serve as necessary parts of the team effort it takes to help other missionaries go and stay where they serve. It was reported that,

We have gone from up to six full- and part-time writers to two part-time writers for the website. But that is not all that is expected of them. Along with another part-time writer and an editor, they are responsible for all the content for NTM’s magazine and newsletters and promotional materials.

As a result of your prayers new writers have committed to this responsibility. They will help continue to enrich this venue that gets the word out about the needs of missionaries and the people groups they work with. They will be a part of reporting news and updates about projects and prayer requests so that those who go are helped stay connected with those who pray and give. These writers will be a part of making known how God is working.

The answer has come starting with a young couple on their honeymoon in 1984 who visited a church where the pastor gave them a Brown Gold Magazine. This NTM periodical was the venue at that time that told of the many unreached people groups in the jungles of Latin America. This led Ken and Cathy Hedvall to go, serving there since 1989. Cathy has come to lend a hand by writing from an understanding of what it takes to keep missionaries out there with the people groups they minister to.

A second writer who needs continued prayer as she prepares to come as a writer/editor is Rosie Cochran. She says in a recent letter, “Being that God has given me a love of writing, it wasn’t a surprise when He touched my heart to explore the possibilities of joining the Communications team at NTM.” Rosie as well has years of service in Latin America, giving her plenty of experience that will contribute to the writing of what God is doing all over the world.

Thank you to those who prayed and continue to pray. It’s a joy to report how God chooses to answer.

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