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God is moving among the Kora people

Working on translation and lesson preparation so the Koras can hear a clear presentation of the gospel in their own language.

When Craig and Shelly Schafer moved into a tribe in the Asia-Pacific area four years ago, they found many things were the opposite of what they expected. But God had a plan for the Kora people.

The climate is wet with lots of rain and a proliferation of clouds. It’s often 60 degrees in the morning and is certainly jacket weather much of the time. But God is moving among the people and He is ready to use Craig and Shelly and their three children in His plan for the Koras. The Schafers fit right into the spot God designed for them as they reach out to the Kora people.

In the mornings while Shelly works on learning the language, the three Schafer children play outside with their Kora friends and enjoy romping around as though the drippy weather was the most fun ever to play in. Craig and his partner, Jeff Palmer, have been given the go-ahead to begin translation and lesson preparation.

When the team approached chapter 39 in Genesis, the discussed using the term Yawe for God but wanted to know what the Koras used for God.

Craig wrote, “I asked this teenage guy who Jeff had been studying with, what that term meant, or how to say it in the Kora language. Without skipping a beat, this kid looks at me and says, ‘Yawe!’ Wow, totally took me off guard and sent shivers down my spine. Already this teenage boy’s mind is being formed to who God is and what He is like. We still have a ways to go, but God is working and moving in the lives of the Kora people even now.”

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