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God provides a way

hiking with nationals

Two extremely important lessons from Firm Foundations Bible teaching were presented to the Mengen people during the last two weeks.

Missionary Simon Flanagan taught on the sin of man as illustrated by the people in the world at the time of Noah. He taught them that we are all separated from God because of the sin of Adam and Eve. Also, being just like the people of Noah’s time, we live for ourselves and our sinful desires control our lives.

After painting that picture of sin and despair, He told them that a holy God could not bear their sin. He sent a flood to destroy everything, but He accepted Noah because of Noah had believed God and chose to trust in God’s Word.

Then Simon taught the Mengens about the instructions that God gave Noah concerning building the ark and the judgment God would bring from the world-wide flood. But the most important teaching was concerning God’s provision for Noah and his family. Finally the Mengen people will begin to see that while God judges sin and cannot bear sin, He does provide a way.

Pray that the Mengen people will understand these lessons and apply them to the future lessons as they learn how God provides for man’s redemption. Pray that soon they will hear and understand the message of God’s saving grace.

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