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‘Gospel Day’ Is Coming to the Amdu!

feet view of crossing a log bridge over white rapids

An Interrupted Journey

“Amdu friends of ours left the village one day on a long journey only to return later the same afternoon despite their intentions to be gone for two weeks,” wrote Benjamin and Missy Hatton, missionaries to the Amdu in Papua New Guinea. “They said their legs got heavy, and so they came home.” 

But what’s significant about heavy legs? Were they just too tired? Was there more behind it?

a view of PNG mountains and village from a small airplane

A Purposeful Journey

“In the Amdu universe, when a person goes on a journey and their legs get heavy, it means that something isn’t right in the realm of the unseen,” the Hattons explained. “The Amdu people never ignore these signs because they believe that to do so could be fatal.”

And now, the Hattons are the ones getting ready to go on a long journey, but they have no cause for fear. As they return to Amdu after a time of home assignment, they do so with anticipation.

“Momentum is building towards ‘Gospel Day’ in Amdu,” they wrote. “Translation of key Old Testament stories and portions of the Gospels is underway so that we can write evangelistic Bible lessons. … We will be focused full time on developing this curriculum. Teaching the Amdu people God’s story from Creation through the ascension of Christ will give them a firm foundation for understanding how to get right with God and be free from the fear that controls their lives now. This is what we have to look forward to as our time in America draws to an end and we say all our difficult goodbyes.”

Amdu people sitting in a woven grass hut learning to read their own language

The Continuing Journey

It’s been a journey to get to this point. The Hattons reminisce about all that has taken place. 

“From the building of our house, to navigating the years of culture and language learning, to the launch of the literacy program and now translation and Bible curriculum development, God’s faithfulness steals the show. And as we march towards presenting the gospel later next year, we don’t doubt that God’s faithfulness will remain centre stage in our story.”

Pray for Benjamin and Missy as they return to Papua New Guinea and as they keep the momentum moving forward to the day when the gospel will be presented to the Amdu people. Pray for the day when the Amdu people won’t be concerned about heavy legs.

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