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Habiana sees prayers answered

Habiana is thankful for those praying for him in the USA.

“Through your prayers my family and I have been greatly blessed in having our joy, and our hope, and our faithfulness right up to this day,” wrote Habiana in a thank you letter to those in America praying for him. “For this reason we greatly praise and thank Him for answering your prayers for us.”

A year ago Habiana located a group of relatives in a remote area that he had not seen for over 20 years. He began sharing evangelistic Bible lessons with them but was able to stay only a short time.

More than 30 of his relatives live in the dense jungle a four days’ hike up and down 25 steep hills from his village, but the burden for the salvation of his relatives grew and he felt compelled by God to take the Gospel to them.

He started for the area equipped with medicine and lessons from the book of Genesis but about halfway there he injured his toe and it was too painful to continue the hike. He went to his where his sister was staying to recuperate.

His sister said, “You can’t go there. After you were there last time a man in their group vowed to kill you if you ever returned. He will kill you.”

Habiana realized that what his sister told him was possible because violence is common among his people group and only God had changed the lives of those in his village. He stayed at his sister’s house waiting for his toe to heal and meanwhile prayed to ask God what he should do.

He remembered the missionaries who asked their friends in the USA to pray for him and was encouraged that others were praying too. Then early one morning four days after his arrival God made it clear to Habiana that he should continue his journey and trust God with his life.

When he arrived a woman ran to him with her baby, begging him to pray for her child who had been crying constantly since birth. Though fearful that he would be killed if he prayed and the baby died, he decided to ask God to heal the baby.

As he drew near the end of his prayer, the baby stopped crying. His first thought was that the baby had died. But when he looked down, the baby was resting comfortably. He stayed for two weeks and the baby continued to improve.

One day the baby’s father approached him and said, “When you left last time, I vowed to kill you the moment you set foot in this place again. But now I know that the stories you were telling us last time you were here are true. We need to know these stories from God. So I am going to have our people make their houses in this area and plant cassava so that you can come back and teach us this God talk.”

Pray for wisdom and safety for Habiana. Pray also that others will join him in this outreach.

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