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Have cookies, will travel

Guarani Nandeva

Elijah Hall left recently with two other missionaries on his very first tribal survey trip. Moira Hall shares that for this adventure, Elijah packed his tent, machete and filtered water bottle, as well as some essential chocolate chip cookies.

Elijah and his coworkers then headed for a dry and dusty bush region to visit some villages of the Guarani Nandeva tribe, whom NTM is considering working with.

The purpose of this journey was to gather information regarding the languages spoken and understood by the Guarani Nandeva tribe. As this information is processed, it will be helpful in determining how to effectively assist this people group, perhaps with a translation of the Bible and Firm Foundations Bible lessons in their own language for the first time.

Please pray for Elijah and Moira in their ongoing language and cultural studies.

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