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He is enough

Jag and Abby Dun find themselves in a setting where Christ’s sufficiency is very real.

While there is excitement in the lives of Jag and Abby Dunn who work with the Hewa people of Papua New Guinea, there is always a conscious choice that has to be made that says, “He is enough!”

They are building sweet friendships. Names are hard to remember but often changed so that they are easier to say.

They got to take part in a marriage feast where the bride was bought with mostly pigs. The food was cooked in the ground with hot rocks. Nothing was wasted — kids even used the pig bladder for a balloon.

Nothing seems “sanitary” so Abby decided she would institute a regular worm treatment regimen for her family.

Their house project is on hold until there are enough funds to continue flying supplies in.

They got word that Jag’s mom has been ill.

A young boy in the village hung himself. “The wailing that you hear makes you sick and all I can do is cling to the hope that we have in Christ. Culturally the mourning must go on for at least two weeks. They brought the body right outside our house and have been wailing ever since. Thankfully our kids are young enough to sleep through it,” Abby says.

The baby that had malaria now has a huge hernia. Another lady wanted to just let her baby girl die since she wanted to give her husband a son.

They can’t count on cleanliness, typical food or toys, good health or plenty of money for their ideas of a sense of well-being. They are feeling clearly that there is an end to what they themselves can possibly do in any of these culturally unfamiliar situations. Their eyes must turn to the character of God Himself that promises that He is indeed enough.

“Please pray that all of this would continue to bring us to our heavenly Father and that we would trust Him to use our lives as many times we feel helpless out here,” they plead. They are choosing to cling to the One who holds their future, trusting Him.

Abby writes, “Pray for us as we enter into so much unknown. Pray that we stay aware to what will happen as outsiders come and could bring trouble as they want to put blame for the death. We have so many questions and so much to run to God for! We appreciate your prayers as we grieve with this family. We see the importance of bringing God’s Word to these people and hope and pray that you see the importance of you being involved as well. Your prayers go far beyond what you see and we cling to the comfort that God has you behind us, upholding us as we bring Christ to [the] Hewa [people].”

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