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He never expected this

God’s grace prepares and equips people to serve Him.

Patrick Eggleton never expected that he would be serving God in a foreign country. And yet, by God’s grace and faithful working, 2005 found the Eggleton family moving thousands of miles away from their home and family to begin their ministry.

Only God, Patrick says, could relocate him and his family where they are and keep them there for nine years.

“We often acknowledge ‘only God’ around here,” Patrick explains. And He shares candidly that only God’s work in their lives and ministry could have kept his family there serving Him for all those years so far away from their family and loved ones. “We are completely dependent on His provision,” he adds.

Patrick serves God by teaching math at a school for missionary children while his wife, Dawn, provides guidance to homeschooling missionary parents. In their ministry tasks, the Eggletons are blessed to rub shoulders with many other missionaries.

“The ministry here is made up of individuals from around the globe,” Patrick explains. “We come together with many backgrounds, cultures and experiences. Somehow God uses this potpourri of people to support the sharing of His love to many tribal groups here.”

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