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Hearing in their own language

Please pray for us as we try to communicate the truths of these stories to the people here.

The Biem people are hearing God’s Word in their language through Firm Foundation Bible lessons.

When one of the Biem men first heard the reading of some Scripture in the Biem language, he said with excitement all over his face, “When you said you were going to read, we all thought it’d be out of the Tok Pisin Bible (the trade language). When the reading started, we couldn’t believe that this was coming in our own tongue. Please finish that work (translation) fast so we can have this talk in our own tongue. The talk comes so much more clearly in our tongue.”

Attendance seems to grow with each lesson and people are eager to hear what comes next. A group of believers from another language group braved the sea to come to the island where the Biem live to encourage them to listen to God’s Word.

God is opening a door to their hearts and many are ready to go through. “Please pray for us as we try to communicate the truths of these stories to the people here,” wrote Rachel Buser. “Many Biem have heard at least some version, but have never heard the point of them. Towards the end of the week Brandon, [Rachel’s husband] brought a long rope with knots tied at different points. He had people holding it around the teaching house and used it as an analogy with the knots representing the stories and the rope representing God’s plan for the coming Saviour throughout the various Old Testament stories. “

One of the ladies commented, “I’m so happy that even today, He’s waiting for us here on Biem and He’s being so patient in giving us a chance to hear.”

One of the men said when contemplating what they are learning now, “I see that this talk is like our coconut trees. We haven’t yet heard of the Road Man, but he must be the food at the top of the tree. And just like there is no way to get the food, but by starting the climb at the bottom, we too are understanding bit by bit and slowly climbing, and soon we’ll know of him.”

Pray for the Biem people to understand the Firm Foundation Bible lessons and receive the Gospel message.

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