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Horizons expanded

Being the child of a missionary is both challenging and enriching.

Ryan and Rebecca Beachy and their three children are serving God by providing vital services for other missionaries in Mexico.

Rebecca says that growing up in a foreign country is different for their children, but that many of the differences they experience are actually very culturally and spiritually enriching.

Some aspects about being the “unique” ones are not easy, she writes. “But not all is difficult. There are opportunities and benefits as well.”

Rebecca says their children have made very good friends with many local children and enjoy playing and doing things with them.

There is also a cultural expansion in menus as their children have learned to enjoy many different foods. One favourite, she says, is barbacoa. “It is head meat of a cow in a corn tortilla with shredded cabbage, onion, cilantro and salsa.” They also enjoy their fruit with a distinctive twist—cut up and sprinkled with chili powder.

“We attend a small Mexican church where our kids are the only Americans,” Rebecca shares. This encourages their children in their Spanish comprehension as they learn to answer questions and respond “just like the other kids.”

About an hour and a half away, Rebecca writes, is a “place in the mountains where we like to go to get away from the city.” The large city where they live has a population of a million people. “Sometimes we like to get away from the noise and traffic and concrete. It’s beautiful in the mountains.” So the Beachy family heads to the mountains for day trips and for longer camping trips as well.

Rebecca sees God using the experience of serving Him in their children’s lives in great ways. “They are learning a second language effortlessly while playing with friends. They live not far from poverty, which keeps materialism in perspective.”

Rebecca says that she and Ryan are thankful for this experience “which allows our children to grow up with all of these blessings.”

God’s plan is perfect for those who follow His lead, bringing blessing to them and their families. Do you have skills that He could put to use and in the process bring joy and blessing to your family, as well? Check out your opportunities.

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