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How do you multiply?

Frank Brearley is brightened by reunions with men he discipled years ago.

As missionary Frank Brearley went to a gathering in Dakar, Senegal, for a cross cultural church planting course, he could see how God chose to demonstrate multiplication in his life.

2 Timothy 2:2 tells us that Paul instructed those he ministered to, “And the things that you have heard from me among many witnesses, commit these to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.” That was God’s plan then for multiplication and is still today.

In 1978, Frank went to Senegal, and four years later on to Ivory Coast to begin a new field of ministry. His ministry of presenting the gospel was followed up with discipleship and teaching for those who received that message.

Now, at that recent gathering in Senegal, he was able to sit under the teaching of at least three faithful men from Ivory Coast whom he had been faithful to minister to.

For ten days these old friends were able to catch up with some of what God had done in their lives after not seeing each other in 16 years.

Deho Michel is a pastor and Bible translation assistant for his own Guere language. He wants to use this translation to minister to his own people and currently runs discipleship training courses as Frank had over 20 years ago with him and others.

Frank and Michel rehearsed how they met originally when Michel travelled to see his aunt in the village where Frank lived and ministered. He and his co-workers were doing teaching that Michel heard while he visited. On his way home from the village he was spared death when he gave up his seat on the bus that crashed. The person in his seat died. Again, he visited the village where Frank ministered and heard teaching from the Word, accepting it for redemption in his own life.

In that same village, Norbert Yao also responded to the gospel message all those years ago. There was a foundation laid through the discipleship courses at that time. Now Norbert is leading training initiatives for Africans who want to be a part of church planting in West Africa.

Joel Pale also responded to the gospel shared by missionaries who learned his language, taught the Word and planted a church among the Loron. This area was one where these missionaries went after Frank and his team did a survey. As a result, Joel is now a pastor and shepherd among his own people even though he has never been to school. He was one of the instructors at this cross cultural church planting course in Dakar too. He emphasized the vital need for literacy in order for believers to grow and mature churches to be established. He taught how to develop and teach literacy since he had done it himself. “The many readers of God’s Word and growing churches among his people are testimony to the effectiveness of this ministry,” Frank writes.

Are we purposefully living in a way that leaves evidence of clear multiplication of faithful men like 2 Timothy talks about? Can you trace the steps and see God’s faithfulness in the lives of Frank and the men he ministered to and with? He shares, “I counted it a privilege to once more teach them, be taught by them and returned home enlightened, enriched and energized. What reunion we anticipate when Christ gathers together His church, ‘Out of every tribe and tongue and people and nation.’”

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