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How has God Answered Prayers in 2015?

Reflection on Prayer

Reflecting back over the year, the evidence of answered prayer is humbling. Prayer requests went out, God’s people prayed (that means you!), and God answered prayers. Thank you for praying.

Because You Prayed

92e99d31-e2eb-4fcb-bc7d-f05ba1619baeYou prayed for the importation process of the Cessna 206 aircraft for Brazil. You prayed time and time again as each obstacle was encountered. And now, the Cessna is on location and flying missionaries and their supplies to their places of service.

You prayed for the joint missionary endeavour between the expatriate missionaries and the Inapang tribal believers to the neighbouring Tangguat people group — and now many Tangguats are your brothers in Christ!

You prayed for translator David Ogg and the translation effort — and now 90 percent of the preliminary drafting for the Simbari New Testament is complete.

You prayed for the logistics and preparations behind the Manjui New Testament Dedication — and God paved the way, providing above and beyond the missionaries’ expectations, and a beautiful day for the presentation itself.

You’ve been praying all year for missionary pilot John Leedahl in his recovery, rehabilitation, and re-certification as a pilot after the motorcycle accident that left him an amputee — and now he has a great new leg and has been cleared by the FAA to fly again with no restrictions.

Lives Impacted for Eternity

f04f0d43-46e9-43ff-9080-548d2cecfdf9Canadians Dave and Judy Wright, missionaries to the Mengen people, recognize the impact of prayers. They expressed it well in a letter to their team of prayer partners. “These lives, transformed for all of eternity, have been credited to your accounts.”

God uses the prayers of His saints to impact lives for eternity. God has used you to impact lives for eternity. And for that, we can never say thank you enough. Thank you for praying — and for continuing to pray.

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