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'I sit in absolute wonder'

Lisa Kappeler returns to ministry with the Uriay people with joy, anticipation and trust in God’s faithfulness.

Lisa Kappeler is headed back to Papua New Guinea.

Her last nine months of home assignment have been packed full of reunions with old friends and introductions to new ones—all eager to hear about what amazing things God has done among the Uriay people. She has had the opportunity to share this exciting story with many people in these months.

Also, Lisa says, this has been a time of God “loving on” her and blessing her greatly through His children.

“I sit in absolute wonder at the opportunities God has given me to share about His greatness and power and awesome acts—and His abundant goodness, glory, sufficiency, mercy and grace,” Lisa shares. “I’ve watched God take care of me on the field, but He’s taken it to a whole new level in these last few months.”

Lisa is mightily encouraged. God has been faithful. And though the good-byes here will be hard, she feels refreshed and supported in prayer and love as she returns to her ministry.

Since her co-workers will not be returning to Papua New Guinea for some months, Lisa will not be moving back to her home in the village for awhile. Instead, she will be living with some other NTM missionaries a few hours away.

Lisa is, however, eager—in spite of the distance—to return to her Uriay Bible translation work and prays that her Uriay translation co-workers will be able to come to spend a week at a time with her so the task of translation will continue to progress.

She also will be visiting the village that is her home at least once a week, until she is able to move back, to encourage Uriay believers and to nurture their growth in Christ.

Lisa covets prayers for these growing Uriay believers. She knows that various kinds of events in village life are prone to confuse their thinking and cause them to fall back into old ways of thinking instead of continuing to trust the truth of God’s Word.

“The Uriay people are young in their walk with Christ, but the Holy Spirit is able to bring the Truth to remembrance. Pray that they will hear and yield to the Spirit rather than fearfully listening to … lies,” Lisa adds.

Pray also for Lisa as she returns to the ministry and task that she so loves. Pray for her safety and for God’s Hand upon her in blessing and encouragement as she joyfully invests her life in His reaching in love to the Uriay people.

She knows there will be hardships and challenges as she returns. “But,” she writes, “God will use them all for good—for my good and for the good of the Uriay people—because that’s what He does and Who He is … Pray that I’ll continue to rest in that truth—no matter what.”

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