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In God's string bag

Lenz with national woman

Missionaries serving among the North Wahgi people are currently reviewing key Firm Foundations Bible lessons with their listeners and asking God for wisdom to share in ways that will be more meaningful to each individual.

Last week they reviewed the story of Cain and Abel and referred to an illustration that was used previously. Levi Lenz used a picture that represented Cain and Abel that was cut in two. Cain was dropped into a string bag and Abel into a second bag – one bag representing God’s family and one Satan’s family. The people were all very clear about which brother went into each bag.

Levi asked a few individuals who had previously shared their faith which bag they were in.

“I’m in God’s string bag,” Pinpin said.

Levi asked him why he thinks this and Pinpin answered, “Because I believe that Jesus took my place and died on the cross for my sins.”

Levi then asked his audience what would happen if they sinned.

Jesup said they would go back into Satan’s bag. And then he asked Levi if this was true or not.

“What do you think?” Levi asked the people.

Again, Pinpin spoke, saying he was “going to be in God’s string bag no matter what because the blood of Jesus cleaned out his sin from his past, present and future and God’s strength is greater than my sin.”

Pinpin’s eyes were twinkling and his face beaming with a big smile as he assured everyone of his faith in Christ.

Then Kumbleding stood to speak and shared that he knows he is in God’s string bag because he has believed in God’s only road, Jesus’ death on the cross.

Please pray for these dear believers who are affirming their faith in Christ, and too pray that other North Waghis will come to understand the finished work of Christ.

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