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Investing in what cannot be lost

Glad to participate in a project for eternity.

Andy and Sara Royer are serving God at New Tribes Mission Bible Institute in Brazil, a school that trains missionaries who are headed toward ministry with an unreached people group.

Sara explains that these students are Brazilians who are diligently studying and preparing to move into a tribe, absorb that tribal culture by building relationships with people, learn their language well, and then work to translate the Bible into that language so they can share the gospel clearly in that language and finally assist believers in establishing a church in that tribe.

The Royers say that the Brazilian students in the Bible institute keep “a whirlwind schedule.” Besides their academic studies, they are required to spend three hours each day in helping at the school in ministries like cooking, cleaning, childcare, yard work and maintenance. They also host Bible studies and participate in choir and drama, both of which are used to mobilise new students who have a heart for tribal missions in Brazil.

Andy teaches Bible classes at the school as well as serving as a mentor for male students. Sara is working hard on her Portuguese and looking forward to further ministry among the women. She also stays very busy home-schooling their boys. Even their sons are eagerly participating in the Royers’ ministry by constantly inviting children to their home to play.

Sara shares that, though it was Andy’s teaching ministry that brought them to Brazil, she feels like they themselves are in the process of being schooled.

“We are learning so much from these dear people. I get tears thinking about why these students are here. They have all left their homes and families. The world may think they’re crazy to leave financial stability and comforts,” Sara shares.

Then she adds, “But when we stand before the One Who gave it all, I don’t see any of us wishing we had held back.”

Sara often thinks of the values represented in Jim Elliot’s well-quoted observation: “He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose.”

Andy and Sara are grateful to be serving God—glad to be part of what it takes to help students be equipped to spread the gospel, both in Brazil and into the farthest corners of the world. The Royers have no regrets about the wisdom of their decision to follow God’s leading to Brazil and invest their lives there to gain what cannot be lost.

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