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Would you like to talk with someone from Ethnos in your area?

Want a guest speaker for your small group, church group or Bible study?

Connect with Ethnos missionaries who are preparing to go to the mission field, home from their overseas ministry, or serving in Canada. They would be glad to talk with you or your group, and to develop a relationship.

Get to know our representatives, or fill out the form below to request a speaker. The more information you provide, the better we’ll be able to serve you.

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Endorsements for our Speakers

“Through Ethnos, the arms of local North American churches stretch much farther. They help us reach people who have no access to the Gospel.

God magnifies Himself through their many missionaries, so I am always pleased to share the platform with an Ethnos Missionary.”

—Pastor Matthew Porter,
Safe Haven Worship Centre,
Pickering, Ontario

“Their heart for the unreached and commitment to reach them is unmatched. The information they shared with us was not only valuable, but passionate…Our church was compelled to partner with Ethnos in taking the gospel to those who have never heard His name!”

—Pastor Jeff Woodcock,
Bridgewater Open Bible Church,
Nova Scotia

“I have personally been touched in a profound way by the sacrifice of Ethnos missionaries who have willingly “denied self” in order to reach lost people throughout the world. When I hear the stories of Ethnos missionaries who have endured to see the Gospel translated into a tribal language, presented in native tongue, and finally resulting in miraculous fruit, I am moved to tears of joy and worship.”

—Dr. Jay P. Klopfenstein, Lead Pastor,
The Metropolitan Bible Church,
Ottawa, Ontario

“You will be challenged by the reminder that there are still entire people groups who have yet to encounter the Gospel or have the Word of God in their mother tongue. You will be encouraged with reports … of the power of the gospel to change hearts, lives, and villages.”

—David Daniels, Pastor,
Grace Baptist Church,
Richmond Hill, Ontario

Regional Representatives

Peter and Linda Enns

Peter & Linda Enns

Peter & Linda have travelled extensively overseas, visiting the work of Ethnos Canada on the mission field. They minister, with a special emphasis on tribal evangelism, in Churches and Bible Colleges in Canada, speaking at mission conferences, youth groups, Christian schools, and where ever they are invited.

Doug Harkness

Doug Harkness

Doug is currently raising support, developing ministry partnerships, and available for speaking engagements or other opportunities to promote missions in general and Ethnos in particular.

Martin and Tammy Lamb

Martin & Tammy Lamb

Tammy and I believe it is our great privilege and responsibility to represent hundreds of unreached people groups that have no opportunity to hear the gospel unless someone is willing to take it to them. It is our great desire to raise up more labourers for the harvest for Jesus himself said, “The harvest is plentiful but the labourers are few.

Keynote Speakers

Tim and Kathy Whatley with two of their children

Tim & Kathy Whatley

Tim served as a church planter in the Moi tribe of the Asia Pacific region, being part of the team to first make contact with them in 2000. Today there is a thriving church in the Moi tribe. Tim uses his experience and passion to challenge the North American church to take an active role in global missions.

Gracia Burnham

Gracia Burnham

In 2001, a terrorist group kidnapped the Burnhams along with several other people. In the ensuing months some of the hostages were killed and others freed. By November 2001, only the Burnhams and one other hostage remained in captivity. On June 7, 2002 captivity ended for the two in a violent rescue that left Martin Burnham dead and Gracia wounded. Their story of faith in the midst of terror and tragedy is known to millions.

Ron Lindsey

Ron Lindsey

In addition to his service on the Ethnos360 Executive Board and as president of the Ethnos360 Bible Institute, Ron speaks at colleges and churches and teaches sessions for the Perspectives on the World Christian Movement course.

Greg and Dawn Sanford

Greg Sanford

Since 1991, Greg has served as an Ethnos representative and conference speaker, sharing many of the couple’s experiences among the Yanomami people. Greg has also travelled in the USA and other parts of the world, giving seminars on Ethnos’ chronological teaching program to other mission organizations and Bible colleges.

Dave Brun

Dave Brunn

By giving people a better understanding of the process of translation, Dave helps them read and understand Scripture more clearly. His book, One Bible, Many Version (InterVarsity Press), has made him a much sought-after speaker in the areas of mission in general and Bible translation in particular.
Steve Sanford

Steve Sanford

What does it take to communicate the gospel cross-culturally to an isolated monolingual people group? Having lived among the Joti people of Venezuela for 12 years, Steve and Sharon Sanford can answer that question from personal experience.

Firststory Ministries Speakers

Ken and Debbie Dewar with their children

Ken & Debbie Dewar

In 2010, we sensed that God was asking us to trust Him by taking a major step of faith. He had plans for our lives, a plan that included full time missions, but that meant leaving our old lives behind. Our prayer became: “Whatever it takes Lord, our lives are yours”, a prayer that we don’t regret.

Church Engagement Speakers

Dave and Judy Wright with their children

Dave & Judy Wright

During this season in Canada, Dave speaks at seminars for Christian workers who want to be equipped to teach the entire message of the Bible clearly.