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Invited to return

A woman holding a baby

The roar, cough and whine of motorcycles filled the air Sunday morning, and it was good.

Paul and Marina Briggs recently traveled from Burkina Faso to spend time with Loron believers they lived among and worked with in Ivory Coast before strife necessitated their relocation. But they didn’t get to spend Sunday with all of them.

“On Sunday morning it was very encouraging to see quite a number of the Loron Christians leaving the village on their motorcycles to travel to other distant Loron villages for evangelism and Bible teaching,” Paul and Marina wrote. “A group of Loron people in an isolated village … are hearing the Gospel for the very first time.”

Other Loron believers were gone to help with a government-run polio vaccination campaign in the region. “Another advantage of having literate Loron people,” wrote Paul and Marina, who have been part of the team that developed the Loron alphabet and taught Lorons to read and write their own language.

The couple was also invited to return to Ivory Coast.

“The newly appointed government official responsible for the region … said that he would be delighted if we were to return to live in the area as it would help to show that the war indeed was over and that reconciliation was taking place in Ivory Coast.

“We assured him that we were seriously considering it and he replied that we should come back as soon as possible. He said that our presence in the country after all that had happened showed our love for Ivory Coast and its people.”

Pray for Paul and Marina as they evaluate the best place to continue to minister to the Loron people and help the Loron church.

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