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Is the wall crooked or is the line broken?

Mwinika man leaning against a wall

This week, with no formal Bible teaching sessions, the Mwinika people have had time to think about and talk about the choice that Bible teaching has presented for them.

“Since the beginning they have been telling us (both major religious groups) that what we are teaching is just the same as what they believe,” wrote Phil and Elin Henderson, “but now they cannot avoid realizing that there are some serious differences.

“We have been telling them all along that God’s Word is like a plumb line with which we measure all other things. Everyone has been saying that their religion’s wall was built using the plumb line of God’s Word and now we have taken the plumb line, held it against the wall and the disparity is clear for all to see.

“Now they are left with a choice. They can either say ‘Hey, my wall is crooked’ or ‘Hey, this plumb line must be broken.’”

Some have decided that they will trust God’s Word. Others have yet to make a choice. As a result, Phil and Elin have been having numerous conversations with people about the Bible teaching. And people are using media players to catch up with lessons they missed.

Soon, however, Phil and Elin will put away the old lessons. Some people who never came to the “live” teaching have been listening to older lessons because the teaching has become “the talk of the town” and they want to know what they missed.

“Those who want to hear will have to ask those who understand the message already or will have to wait for the next time we do the teaching,” Phil and Elin wrote. “We keep saying that God gives the job of telling others the Good News to people and not to media players. … Now there are people who know the Good News in the community so if people want to learn about the teaching they should go and ask those who know about it.”

After a five-week break from Bible teaching, teaching will resume one day a week.

Pray for steadfastness and boldness for those who have believed. Pray that those who have not yet believed will place their faith in Christ.

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