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It just got worse

Mozembique man

Missionaries Phil and Elin Henderson are serving among the Mwinika people of Mozambique and have been teaching literacy and working on Bible translation.

“After four months of studying, the literacy class of seven Mwinikas just finished,” wrote Elin. “It was a lot of hard work and sacrifice for them but they stuck with it and finished strong. We had a small ceremony to celebrate their accomplishments.”

Phil has a standard project for his translation co-workers when they are not busy. He has them check older recordings and translate them. The goal is to have the basis for a lexicon and eventually a dictionary. While one of the translation workers was working on the recordings he came across a recording he had made a number of years ago. Phil had asked him what a person needed to do to be accepted by God, his answer was, “pray several times a day, fast, give to the poor, etc.”

When he heard his old recording, he came to Phil laughing and said, “I am checking these old recordings I gave you. I didn’t know the truth back then. I can’t believe you didn’t stop me! You just kept asking me more and more questions and each time I answered the worse it got. And to think, the whole time you knew that what I was saying wasn’t true.”

“After hearing the truth of God’s Word he is able to see how far his belief system has changed,” wrote Phil.

Pray for Phil and Elin as they minister among the Mwinika people. Pray that the Mwinikas will see the truth of God’s Word and trust in Christ as their Saviour.

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