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It's high time for a dental appointment!

Missionaries are expressing the urgent need for a missionary dentist in Papua New Guinea.

The NTM missionaries of Papua New Guinea say it’s time for a dental check-up. In fact, missionary Shara Moritz writes, it’s an urgent need. “I think a dentist could come and easily serve us full time,” she says. “Dentistry is a huge need here.”

She cites an example. Their son needs extensive dental intervention and to get it, they would have to fly him to a big city. The airline ticket for one person would be $2000.

The door is wide open in related ministry opportunities, too. In addition to the extensive dental needs of missionary families serving God in Papua New Guinea, local dentists need and desire additional training and “would love to have the time to learn more,” Shara continues.

“We wanted to get the word out to everyone we know so you can pass on the word,” Shara explains. “We have a fully functional dental clinic just waiting for a dentist!”

Would you pray for God to graciously fill this need?

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