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It's high time to share the Good News

Patpatar hearts have responded to the gospel this year after a very long wait.

Aaron Luse says that it took quite awhile for the news of the resurrection to get to the Patpatar people.

“A couple of thousand years, actually,” Aaron writes.

Aaron ponders back to the first Resurrection Sunday and reflects, “That first Sunday, when the angel said, ‘He is not here for He is risen as He said,’ … changed history. … and I am guessing that the days that followed, when people received the news, were days that changed individual lives.”

Aaron likes to think of that Monday and all the days after it as days of proclamation of the resurrection truth and the glorious news of the gospel.

Last year around the season when we celebrate Christ’s resurrection, the gospel was first shared with the Patpatar people.

Joyfully, the triumphant news of Christ conquering death and offering eternal life and light finally reached these people who had walked in darkness and hopelessness for many long generations.

As the Patpatar people have heard, during this year, the unfolding of their Creator’s Good News, His grace has brought many to respond in repentance and faith in the work of Christ for them. Individual lives have been transformed. Patpatar culture has been impacted.

So much about this transforming work of God has been deeply encouraging.

Yet, as was the case in the early church, there have been some setbacks and discouragements.

“We have struggled with disappointment when tribal friends turn their backs on the truth of God’s Word or when things don’t go as planned,” Aaron writes.

In fact, in hard seasons, the difficulties may at times even seem to outweigh the blessings, he shares candidly.

“Yet we are encouraged and challenged to continue on when our perspective is focused on Christ and the fact that it is His work—and we simply get to have a part in it.”

It took a very long time for the gospel to reach the Patpatar people. And Aaron and Lori Luse are confident that the same rich grace of God that orchestrated the long process of taking it to them will see His work completed in Patpatar hearts for His glory.

“For those of us who have trusted Christ as Saviour,” Aaron writes, “we live in the power of that Resurrection Sunday. And now …we live in the Monday of proclamation.”

Because, he reminds us, the sharing of the Good News of Christ’s death and resurrection and all He has secured for us is our ongoing call as believers in Jesus.

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