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It started in the kitchen

Missionaries Andy and Chrissy Shaub gained a great deal of understanding of the Awa culture and language.

As missionary Andy Shaub worked with Milton to build a kitchen for the Awa conference, he was happy to report how much God used that project and the ensuing conference to encourage him and his wife Chrissy.

He never anticipated all the culture and language he was able to gain as they worked to prepare.

The kitchen was very practical with hearth, dish washing station, sturdy counter, shelves, and even 2 benches for the cooks. There were plenty of small green bananas stocked on the shelf for use.

A pig was brought in on hoof and then butchered. Delia, along with two other ladies, faithfully prepared meals and served even though that wasn’t something she would normally take responsibility for.

Visiting Quichua from the high sierra did a drama about the Crucifixion. They played their traditional music and played games with the Awa people. There was a mutual appreciation even though their languages are very different. They showed their love and appreciation to one another by exchanging produce, corn, barley and beans.

There was even the desire of the ladies to be hospitable and welcome others to stay in their homes.

Milton and Paulino taught the Word faithfully. There were skits, a movie, and just a freedom for sharing mutually, Andy said. The believers took part in the Lord’s Supper and thanked God for His work in them.

In preparing for this conference Andy and Chrissy weren’t sure what to expect. They were so pleasantly surprised with how God used it to demonstrate the growth and maturity in so many of His believers.

The work of making disciples is being accomplished among the Awa.

Continue to pray for what God is doing in and through Andy and Chrissy and the Awa people in their region of the world.

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