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It’s More Than You Think

work team building a missionary's house
What does the word “missions” bring to mind? Do you think of accountants, network administrators or dental hygienists? The missionary team is full of such people. But where do they come from and how do they get their training?

A Member of the Team

jerry-lehman-600-900Meet Jerry Lehman, the new Creative Director with NTM Communications. His career served as his training. “I spent 25 years in business as a graphic designer, creative director for a publishing company and most recently as creative production manager for an electronics distributor. It’s amazing how all of these different work experiences have each given to me skills that I brought here.”

His knowledge of video is one example. “Just days after I was interviewing [at NTM], my company said, ‘You need to know more about video. We need to send you to school.’ So they sent me to a couple seminars and workshops where I got to really experience video.”

God’s Preparation

Jerry’s skills and experience in the workforce were the perfect training for missions. Your career skills can be used in the context of missions too. Serve in missions in North America or around the world through education, IT, communications, business and administration, construction and maintenance, health care and more.

“It took 52 years for me to figure out you don’t have to be an evangelist or what we think of as ‘big jobs’ for God. You could just be the person that God has created you to be and you use your gifts.” What training, skills and abilities have you acquired in your career? How has God been preparing you to serve Him in missions?

Posted in News, North America, NTM@work March 2015