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Kena finds God faithful

The Wusaraambyan believer has faced many trials recently.

“God, please take care him,” whispered Kena four nights ago as she watched her little boy, Josep, suffer with severe dysentery. The 2-year-old’s chubby cheeks and happy smile vanished as his form grew fragile and weak.

“The fever kept clinging to him and I couldn’t get it down. The dysentery had already made him lose a lot of weight, and now the fever was taking its toll,” explains Kena, a believer from the Wusaraambya tribe. “I felt so helpless watching him!”

It was after midnight, and there was no medical help close by, so she began to kneel on the floor of her dark hut and pray.

Gradually, peace came over Kena as she realized that God was in control.

The minutes ticked by as God quieted her soul, reminding her of His faithfulness.

“I began to realize that this is just another trial God is asking me to face for the sake of his kingdom,” she explains.

In the last few weeks, Kena has watched her family endure suffering when her little sister, Lucy, was abducted from her school and her husband, Willis, was beaten for sharing the gospel. After many hours of prayer, Kena watched God miraculously restore her sister Lucy to her unharmed, and heal the wounds of her husband, Willis. Now, she prayed fervently for a miracle for little Josep.

As she finished her prayers, she looked down at her son who was now sleeping peacefully. His fever had gone down and his face had taken on a more natural hue.

“It was then that God reminded me that he cares for those who love him,” says Kena with tears in her eyes.

Seeing his faithfulness, she began to thank God for answering her prayers.

Now, four days later, Josep’s dysentery has gone. His beaming smile has returned and his eyes twinkle as he plays with his Mom and devours all the sweet potatoes she can feed him. Once again, Kena thanks God that he is a miracle worker.

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