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Kodiak arrives in Asia-Pacific region

The new aircraft will support ministry to tribal people in remote villages.

The landing of NTM’s first Kodiak aircraft in the Asia-Pacific region on Sunday brought with it an overwhelming sense of thankfulness to the Lord, and a flood of memories.

I arrived here to serve as a missionary pilot in 2005. Even before then, I had heard of the tremendous need for an aircraft to serve needs in the central part of the country. There the islands are mountainous and separated by vast stretches of ocean whose waves kick up for several months each year isolating the various islands from safe travel by boat.

Missionaries here have been praying for the Lord to provide an aircraft to meet the need for safe, reliable, efficient air transportation in this region. And that’s why, as the Kodiak landed here Sunday, there was rejoicing and an overwhelming sense of thankfulness to our Lord for His provision.

I’ve often thought how the Lord used the “Kodiak Kids,” a group of Indiana grade school children, to raise the deposit funds for this Kodiak. Today we paused for a short time to gather together and praise the Lord for using the Kodiak Kids and many others to provide this tool that will expand the reach of the gospel. It was an emotional time as we reflected on how this aircraft is the answer to years of prayer.

Now, after obtaining local registration, we will begin to use the aircraft to support NTM’s ministry to those hard to reach areas — to pockets of people who, for centuries, were without hope, but who are now hearing of the Saviour’s love for them.

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