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Kuman conference postponed

Roadblocks that made it necessary to put off the gathering.

They were working hard to get ready. The conference was to be held in their village for the first time. There was great excitement.

Then it happened. A break-in. A chase. A jump into the river. Rough water and his body floats away.

A police report was filed.

Now compensation for the death has to be made. The boy’s clan blocks the roads. Vehicles are vandalized and people beat up.

The Kuman church leaders try to help. Another attack and close escape for that leader.

The people are living in fear with threats and pressure from the dead boy’s clan.

Will and Kelly Tallman live among these Kuman people where the young man died in the rough waters of the river. They were in the village when this all started. God allowed them to get out before the fighting began.

Please pray for the Tallmans and the Kuman believers and their leaders as they work to resolve this situation peacefully. Let’s pray they get to have that conference that they were looking forward to.

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