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Lessons prepared for Kora people

Craig Schafer is translating Scriptures and Bible lessons.

The day is soon coming when the Kora people will hear a clear presentation of the gospel in their own language. It’s been a long time in the making.

Craig and Shelly Schafer, now ministering among the Koras, began preparing for the task 11 years ago. They spent four years in New Tribes Mission’s specialised training and after they arrived on the field spent two years learning the national language. After a year of searching for the ministry God was calling them to, they moved into a Kora village and began learning the culture and language. That took four more years.

Now Craig is ready to begin translating Scriptures and preparing Firm Foundation Bible lessons.

Several Kora people are interested in attending the literacy classes. Recently they spent time gathering wood and building a temporary structure to use for a classroom.

The task was accomplished with knowledge that it was never their wisdom but God’s. It is God’s desire to establish a church among the Kora people and the Schafers just need to lean on Him.

Soon the people will gather in their temporary structure and begin learning to read and write their own language. After that, they will begin hearing about how God created the world, continuing through the Bible and culminating with the death, burial and resurrection of Christ.

Pray that God will soften the hearts of the Kora people and that they will be open to hearing the gospel. Pray for Craig as he translates the needed material into the language.

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