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Literacy help found

Thank the Lord with us for a program that is helping speed the process of developing materials to teach the Cubeos.

The idea of translating the Bible is so complex and such a long term job that it takes some pretty committed and faithful people to accomplish.

But what about doing all that hard work knowing that the people whose language you are translating don’t even know how to read their own language?

Ricardo and Sonia Madero write, “The Cubeos need to learn to read and write in their own language so that they can read the Scriptures in their own language too.”

They’ve been working hard this month with a new program called “Literature Helper” that has all the potential of helping them develop a good dictionary and readers for the Cubeo people. They’ve had a visit from a literacy expert who has helped them discover this new technology.

Ricardo says, “Without these resources it would have taken us months to find the repeated letters and syllables we were looking for. Technology has its good advantages!”

Let’s pray for wisdom as 22 readers are developed.

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