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Literacy is an Essential

Teaching people to read is a key element of establishing a maturing church.

“Literacy is still a key to the church plant,” said Francois Hattingh, missionary to the Mwinika people of Mozambique. NTM missionaries do more than translate and teach the Bible. They train people to study the Word for themselves. But without being able to read and write, how can they?

A Revised Literacy Course

Seeing this need, missionaries to the Tigak people of Papua New Guinea are teaching a revised literacy course. Many Tigak have not learned to read and write in their own language. “We sure appreciate your prayers. Literacy is going well and the students are learning more each day and are mostly consistent in attending. Aimee [Hedrick] will continue to teach the first literacy class every weekday in the mornings for four months,” Ned Beall writes. “The students are 20s to 40s in age. It is great to see the younger men being excited about learning to read.”

Literacy with a Purpose

At the same time, Ned continues to translate the Bible into the Tigak language. In a recent check with NTM translation consultants; II Corinthians, I, II and III John, as well as most of the Gospel of John, were officially finalized. That means that 60 percent of the Tigak New Testament translation is completed! Bible translation, literacy classes, Bible teaching and discipleship are all key components to see people in remote places brought to spiritual maturity. Please pray along with Ned that: “as they learn to read, they will be motivated to spend time in God’s Word and desire to be leaders and teachers in upcoming literacy classes.”

Prayer Points

  • “We are getting more teachers trained so that more courses can be presented,” writes Francois Hattingh, missionary to the Mwinika people of Mozambique. Pray for the literacy classes. Pray that more post-literacy material will be written and produced.
  • Literacy classes continue in the Tigak tribe of Papua New Guinea! Ned and Linn Beall ask prayer for faithful attendance and for a real excitement among the students.
  • Missionary Aimee Hedrick is excited that one of her ministry tasks is to start a Tigak literacy program. “This is with the purpose that Tigak people will learn to read and write their own language so that they can read for themselves and really understand the Word of God in their language,” Aimee writes. Pray for the Tigak literacy program.
  • “One of the fun things about teaching literacy is seeing the students get excited about the meaning of words!” wrote missionary Joanna K. Jansma who works with the Nagi people. Pray that one day they will be able to read and comprehend God’s written Word.
  • “We believe literacy is critical if there will ever be a strong church among the Landumas,” write missionaries Kirk and Yolanda Rogers. This knowledge has kept Kirk busy writing literacy materials for the Landumas even though he and Yolanda are currently living stateside, dealing with health issues.


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