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Malaumandans need translation

The Malaumandans are one step closer to having the Word of God in their hands.

Eric Hedeen and two Malaumanda friends who assist him with Bible translation travelled to the mission centre to check 700 verses of Scripture with a missionary who is experienced in Bible translation. The three men, Able, Meko and Eric, spent six days away from their families in order to get the verses approved and ready for print.

Meanwhile, back at home, the Malaumanda church is maturing and growing as they continue to serve the Lord. Receiving more sections of God’s Word will aid in that growth. Several believers are in the midst of an outreach to a village that is one and a half day’s hike away.

The men in church leadership are also struggling to spend time in the ministry and yet maintain a healthy marriage relationship. They and their wives want to have a God-honouring marriage but are still exploring what that means.

As the missionaries make plans to remove themselves from a leadership role and leave the village in the near future, their desire is to see the leaders have a healthy spiritual walk with the Lord.

Pray the Malaumanda church will begin to show evidence of maturing in the Lord and establishing a strong walk with the Lord. Pray too, that God’s Word in their own language is soon ready and is a good resource for them.

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