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Many new births among Daos

Last week, Jennie Phillips came to the aid of Paada, a mother who was struggling giving birth and saved the life of the child. But that wasn’t the only birthing taking place among the Dao people.

Debatoma and his wife returned home with the news that they had completed teaching from Creation to Christ in a different language dialect in another village and that almost the entire village, along with many visitors from other villages, has placed their trust in Christ’s finished work.

New teacher trainees also completed teaching alongside the missionaries and seven more Daos have become believers.

One of the new believers is also Apegewa, the wife of Uwomuku. Also Oseya and Dabepiyaa, two men that Scott and Jennie Phillips have asked prayer for, have now placed their trust in Christ.

“Praise God together with us for the many new births that have taken place in the Dao tribe over this past couple weeks, both physical and spiritual,” the Phillips wrote.

“Pray for Paada as she continues to receive pressure from various unbelieving relatives to turn back to the old ways instead of to the Creator as her source of hope and healing. Pray too for the Dao Bible teachers such as Debatoma and the others who now face the task of continued discipleship of these new believers, and pray for us as we work alongside them.

“Pray also for these new believers, that they will grow in their faith and be truly, sincerely changed as they study God’s Word.

“Finally, pray for Jennie as she works hard to finish the various Scripture portions that need printing and for me as I work on the school and teacher’s books that need printing.”

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