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Meet the Bolon people

Missionary Susie Locklin shares her research on the Bolon people group.

Susie Locklin isn’t sure yet which people group she will be working with personally. But she is spending some preparation time learning about various West African people groups who need missionaries. She writes, “Though I won’t be working with all of them, they could all use our prayers. Each one represents hundreds or even thousands of people who have never had the opportunity to hear the Gospel in their own language.”

So, Susie introduces us to the Bolon people. She says that there are 18,000 to 26,000 Bolon people who live mainly in 12 villages. They speak Bolon, a language which has never been written down.

There are fewer than 15 Bolon people who claim to be Christians. Since there is no Bolon-speaking church, these individuals must attend church where services are in a different language.

There are no missionaries currently working with the Bolon people. Ninety percent of the Bolon people identify themselves with a major world religion, but are also animists, who live in fear and superstition of the spirit world. Most believe that God cannot be reached except through the spirits.

Susie shares, “The Bolon people are mainly subsistence farmers, meaning that they grow the food that they eat. They grow staple foods such as sorghum and millet, as well as other crops.” They also raise cattle and fish.

Susie adds that many of the Bolon people live as extended families in rectangular mud houses and that Bolon men often have more than one wife.

Will you pray with Susie for God’s door of opportunity to open for the Bolon people group of West Africa? Pray that He will prepare and send missionaries to these people who so need to hear the Gospel and the Truth of God’s Word. Pray for Him to prepare the Bolon people and to give them a hunger for the Good News of salvation and hope in Christ.

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