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Meeting the King

Getting Ready to Move In

When you are about to move into a little village full of people who speak a different language and have a different culture, and who have never heard the good news about Jesus, what do you need to do?

Introduction to the King

Vigué women pounding corn
Actually, there are many different steps, and I don’t even know them all. But one of the steps is to talk to the traditional and government authorities to let them know that we’ll be moving in. And that is one of the things that we did when Dan Rabe, one of our leaders, was recently here for team meetings. Not only did Dan meet with the local government leaders, he also introduced our new teammates, the Pryors, to the “king” of the Vigués.

Introduction to the King of Kings

meeting the King - Vigué people
Technically, he’s not a king, but he’s the chief of all the Vigué people and even sits on that cool throne you see in the picture above! I have met him on multiple occasions, but Dan took the opportunity to introduce the Pryors to him as well. Pray for our team as we prepare to move in and build relationships in preparation for ministry. And pray for the Vigué people that they might someday know the King of Kings!

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