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Mengens practice what they preach

Believers are taking responsibility in the church.

It is a huge thing for missionary Lourens Laureti and his co-workers to see the Mengen church maturing and beginning to stand on its own feet.

They are guiding the Mengen believers in developing and teaching Firm Foundation Bible lessons. The Bible teachers are discipling Mengen believers.

This year Laurens and his missionary partners intend to continue to help the believers to grow.

“We hope to see believers exercising their gifts and others even being recognized as shepherds/elders,” Lourens wrote. “Please keep on praying for them especially in this time as they are on their own in the village.”

The Mengen believers have paid a price for their faith. They have faced persecution and trials coming from many directions. Because the missionary team is not in the tribe right now, the Mengens have an excellent opportunity to put into practice the truths they have been taught as they respond to the persecution and trials.

“I am continuing to prepare lessons to teach through Corinthians,” Lourens wrote. He is focusing on having the Mengen Bible teachers work on the lessons and eventually be ready to teach them.

Pray that the Mengen believers will continue to grow and mature in the Lord. Pray too for Lourens as he prepares Bible lessons and equips the Bible teachers to teach and disciple the others.

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