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Miraculous tranformation of lives

The teaching of God’s Word is producing powerful changes among the Mwinika people.

Francois and Nadia Hattingh are excited to see God’s Word at work in obvious ways.

“We are in the last month of teaching in the village,” Nadia writes. “We started in Genesis in May and will soon finish with Revelation. … Our aim has been to show Mwinika people, who have never heard the message of the gospel, who God is, what state man is in without God and what God’s plan is to mend the relationship. … We want them to see that God made everything perfect in the beginning and He will make everything perfect again in the new Heaven and new Earth.”

Recently, the lessons have presented the lives of some New Testament believers like Barnabas and Peter as contrasted with the life of an unbeliever like Herod. They have discussed what the life of a believer looks like.

The Mwinika listeners are also learning that believers still sin and that they cannot be like Christ by trying hard in their own strength. They are learning that God’s Holy Spirit empowers them to live the life God wants them to live.

“They are learning that bad things still happen to God’s people, but that He never leaves them,” Nadia says. “They are seeing that God can miraculously intervene as He did when Peter was delivered from prison, but that believers like James died for Christ because this was part of God’s plan. … They are learning they do not need to fear death, because it only means a new life with God for believers.”

Praise God for all He is teaching the Mwinika people through His Word. Pray for unbelievers to see their need for a Saviour and have their hearts opened to the Good News about Jesus and for believers to grow in faith and understanding of the Scriptures.

“Pray,” Nadia adds, “that the Mwinika people will not only know the truth, but believe and live it.”

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