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Missionaries return to jungle home

“It seemed that as the helicopter circled around the familiar mountain peaks in the ruggedly beautiful valley that we had called home so many years ago, we were truly coming home,” wrote Tim Galipeau as he and Rhonda flew into the Saluan tribe where they ministered for many years.

Tim and Rhonda are both over 50 and expecting a challenge as they move back into the tribe and adapt to a language and culture they once knew very well.

The first new experience was travelling by helicopter.

“In the past,” wrote Tim, “we would land in a small airplane in what can only be described as a controlled fall expertly negotiated by the pilot.” The helicopter descended onto a cleared section of land above the village and gently settled on the ground.

Many Saluan believers who trusted Christ when the Galipeaus were there 15 years ago greeted the couple warmly.

Pray for Tim and Rhonda as they move back into the village and work with a team of missionaries to finish translating the Bible into the Saluan language. And praise the Lord for missionary pilot Steffan Pyle and the helicopter which will enable them to receive their supplies and make transportation to and from the village much easier.

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