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Missionaries Start Teaching in Genesis, not John 3:16

Bible lesson being taught in rural Mexico

Taking on the Form of Christianity

“During the first leadership conference in Manila in 1975, a key discussion centered around problems in tribal evangelization. It was all too easy for tribal people to misinterpret the missionary's message and merely add Christian works to their own beliefs, with no conviction of sin nor understanding of God's holiness. There was a need to exercise greater care in a scriptural foundation for the presentation of the gospel,” wrote Ken Johnston in his book The Story of New Tribes Mission.

Teaching as Jesus Taught

Ken also wrote in his book about Australian missionary Trevor McIlwain and his experience in “corrective evangelism.” Mission leadership wanted to hear about Trevor’s approach to evangelism, namely, to lay a solid foundation through teaching in the Old Testament before introducing the message of the cross in the New Testament. Trevor continued to develop this chronological, panoramic approach to evangelism.

This wasn’t a new approach. After His resurrection, Jesus Himself taught two people as they walked together on the road to Emmaus as recorded in Luke 24:27: “And beginning at Moses and all the Prophets, He expounded to them in all the Scriptures the things concerning Himself.”

 Creation to Christ

Over the years Ethnos Canada and our partners have adapted and refined our use of this approach while staying true to the message of Scripture.

When you read missionary letters talking about “the chronological teaching,” “Firm Foundations,” “Foundational Bible Teaching,” “Creation to Christ” or even “the chron,” you’ll know that’s what they are talking about, the message of the Bible from Creation to redemption.

Please pray for the many missionaries who are teaching from Creation to Christ. These lessons often last for several months, and the enemy does everything he can to distract the listeners during this time.

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