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Missionary aviation supports church

Missionary aviation

The missionary aviation program has become a part of the process of supporting Tala-Andig missionaries in taking the gospel to other villages.

Several years ago Tala-Andig believers realized that they were in a financial bind. They wanted to reach other villages with the gospel message but were unable to leave their farms to teach. As a church they made the decision to support their missionaries through a church store that would be stocked by bulk products that they would make.

Also the trees in the mountains surrounding the believers were known to have Abaca fibers. So the believers began the labor-intensive job of gathering and preparing the bundles of the Abaca fibers.

That’s where the plane comes in. Every two weeks they fly into the village, pick up the fibers for the church store and deliver the money received. With those funds, the Tala-Andig believers support full-time pastors and missionaries who are able to serve the Lord because of the funds received and given by the Tala-Andig believers.

“It is such an honour to not only support expatriate missionaries with the airplane, but also the Tala-Andig church as they too have dedicated their lives to seeing the last tribe reached with the Good News of Jesus Christ,” wrote missionary pilot Brian Pruett.

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