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Mixing prayer, incantation

Three spear jabs and the pig was dead.

Pig blood mingled in the river water and a group of Sekadaus crowded around a young woman and her illegitimate daughter, pushing her toward the river.

The witchdoctor’s incantations, combined with the onlookers prayers to Jesus, were offered as the woman and her daughter washed her sins, shame, and guilt in the blood of the sacrificial pig.

Missionary Naomi Christenson has only been living among the Sekadau people for three months, but she’s already seeing the mixing of beliefs that’s occurring among this tribe.

“This has been the most clear example of how the Sekadaus are still trapped in their old beliefs, bound by the laws of the spirit world, compelled to fulfill steep requirements of their old ways,” Naomi wrote. “[They’re] lost and without hope of the real and lasting forgiveness that Christ’s blood provides.”

Please pray for the Sekadau people to grow in their knowledge of truth and that those who already believe Christ is their Savior will stand against mingling the Truth with their own beliefs about the spirit world.

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