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Mois acknowledge God's presence and protection

Moi believers are growing in their understanding of God’s Word.

Missionaries Rich Brown and Stephen Crockett are discipling the believers and also teaching literacy classes so that the Mois can read God’s Word for themselves.

One of the believers, Bumani, is “growing like a weed” as he listens to teaching from God’s Word. He trusted Christ just four months ago and understands more each day.

Last week he was working in his garden, cutting down trees, when a huge fallen tree began sliding down the mountain toward him. He jumped into the creek below with an ax on his shoulder. The tree flew right over him. As he stood and looked for wounds he saw that he didn’t have a scratch.

He was in awe over what God had done for him. He sat in his garden and praised God over and over for his deliverance.

Ketaya, another strong believer, has a dear friend, Ginogui, who has not yet heard the evangelistic Bible lessons. He is now attending literacy classes and wants to hear the evangelistic message when he finishes.

Ketaya and Ginogui were working in their garden when a storm blew in. A flash of lightning struck and Ketaya looked up. “Are there evil spirits?” asked Ginogui. “No,” Ketaya responded, “I’m looking to see if Jesus is coming to get me.”

Then, Ginogui really got scared. “Don’t worry,” Ketaya said. “I want you to come with me and God does too.” Ginogui’s eyes began to water as he considered Kataya’s concern for him.

Pray that Ginogui will soon be able to hear the Gospel message in his language. Pray for the Moi believers as they learn more about God and share it with others.

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