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Mois teach more than 100

Last week, Moi Bible teachers finished the third week of evangelistic Bible teaching to more than 100 Mois.

So far, missionary Rich Brown and eight Moi teachers have taught 27 lessons from the Creation story to the birth of Moses.

Early in teaching those hearing the lessons wanted the missionaries to teach them but most have since changed their minds. They now see that the Moi Bible teachers are also capable of handling God’s Word and teaching them.

“We are so proud of Sepaiye, Bumani, Pupuiye, Deoma, Kendaya, Bubabo, Sinakaituma and Pasebeu,” the Browns wrote. “Though their average age is only about 18 years old, they have proven themselves as not only capable teachers, but faithful men of God. They constantly are praying for humility and that God might speak through them for His glory.

“God is indeed using them mightily and will continue to teach them much about Himself through this difficult process.”

Besides the Bible teachers many of the other Moi believers are playing a huge part in seeing many of their friends and relatives hear the lessons. Many of them are teaching one on one and in groups to men, ladies and children. One way or another people are hearing the day’s lessons more than once a day.

Amiyomee and others seem to be eating it up. Amiyomee is hearing the message for the first time and holds on to every word. He and another man tell one another each day’s teaching in order not to forget any of it.

Not only is he doing a good job at hearing the teaching, but even more important, applying it to his life. Last week he told Rich, “Next time I go hunting and I see a wild pig I’m going to say, ’Thank you Creator! You made that!’ Now when I peel a banana or eat a sweet potato I know that it’s God who gave it to me and I say, ’Thank you Creator!’”

Please pray that more Mois will place their faith in Christ. Pray too for the Bible teachers. They are not only studying and teaching, but also some of them are doing the medical clinic and reviewing the day’s lessons in the evening to groups of eager listeners.

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