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Monthly Gleanings from April 2014

New Airplane

A huge answer to prayer is that some donors have purchased a Kodiak airplane outright for our aviation needs within Papua New Guinea. Our aviation department in Arizona will receive the plane in the coming months and begin to see it finished and ferried to Papua New Guinea. Thank you for your prayers and your gifts. Nothing is impossible with our God.

Bible translation moved forward for Northern Tepehuan people group

The Northern Tepehuan church planting team in Mexico has completed 80 percent of the New Testament translation, and Hebrews was to be checked for accuracy in April.
Please ask God to provide consistent translation help for the books of Matthew, 2nd Corinthians, James, the two books of Peter, the three books of John and Jude.

Pray for Punan Bible translation

Rachel Searcy has been working on the Punan Bible translation for seven years. Together with her Punan co-workers, she has completed 30 percent of the New Testament, as well as Genesis and portions needed for evangelistic Bible lessons. Pray for Rachel and the entire Punan Bible translation team as they diligently and faithfully work to bring a clear, accurate translation of God’s Word to the Punan people.

Turu People Fight Over Missionaries

When was the last time you were fought over? Usually those fights happened on the playground (Which would have been a LONG time ago for some of us!).

Well, that was what happened when a new missionary team visited a tribal village in March. Here’s an excerpt from the missionary’s letter:

“Upon landing we were received well and excited to reconnect with and share our news with these new friends we had met on our previous trip. We said goodbye to the pilots and the plane flew away. Within moments of the plane flying away, smiles quickly faded as voices and tensions began to rise. Loudness then turned to shouting as rocks were scooped up with threats to start throwing at any opposition. Responding while waving machetes, others retorted. Realising our presence may have been the only thing to potentially keep things civil, we all started praying for safety. I walked towards the center of the conflict while praying for a miracle. Arriving in the middle, I sat down, motioning for all to come around and listen. Failing to calm the crowds, I asked a villager friend, Caleb, to translate for me while at the time also dragging a man from each side of the conflict to the ground with me as I put my arms around both of them. As Caleb fearfully began to translate amidst the shouting and fighting, we realised the fight was over us. For more than 30 years these people have been asking and waiting for us to come, and now, here we were. There was a fear from the different villages represented that if they did not steal us away to their home in that moment, that they would miss out on what they had been waiting for so long receive…hope. Hope that the message of God’s Word could change their lives. What a joy it was to be able to share with them that God’s message was not limited by location, and that His desire is to communicate His love and care for every Turu person wherever they may live. Over the course of the next 3 days, they peacefully came to a decision as to where we should live.”

Please pray for the missionary team as they build – houses and relationships. Pray for the Turu people to assist the team in learning their culture and language.

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