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Monthly Gleanings from December 2014

missionaries sitting in a dim hut with national friends

Kendawangan to hear about the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus

Please pray for the team teaching the Kendawangan people group in the Asia Pacific region. They are in the final stage of the chronological teaching and sharing about Christ’s birth, death, and resurrection. Please pray that hearts will be ready to personally put their trust in the wonderful Saviour whom God has provided!

Manjui New Testament Complete!

The team serving the Manjui of Paraguay can now publish the complete New Testament: the book of Revelation has been translated and checked!

23 Wahgi Believers Baptized

On Sunday, November 23, the first believer’s baptism was held in Wahgi, Papua New Guinea. Levi and Robyn Lenz write, “Twenty-three individuals were baptized to publicly demonstrate their reliance on Christ alone for their salvation. The majority of these individuals had been previously baptized for various reasons striving to somehow secure their salvation, but after clearly understanding the way of salvation and the true meaning of baptism, they wanted to be baptized again to show their dependency on Christ as their Saviour.”


Bible translation moving forward for Nagi people

Porter Hampton is working on translating the Bible for the Nagi people of Asia-Pacific. He is checking comprehension of passages from Exodus 25 through the end of the Old Testament that support the chronological Bible teaching. After that he is hoping to get back into lesson development for a while and get the lessons caught up to where the translation is.

Mengen Church Reaching Out

The Mengen church in Papua New Guinea is looking into possible outreaches in two villages that are requesting teaching of God’s Word. Please pray that the Lord would prepare more Mengen families to be able to carry these outreaches.

Literacy coming to Elseng people

Praise the Lord, Jareb McClain has passed his language proficiency evaluations, and is gearing up for the very first literacy classes among the Elseng people in the Asia Pacific region. He will then be translating 70 chronological Bible lessons.

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