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Monthly Gleanings from June 2014

Learning Culture and Language is Hard

Please pray for Jareb McClain, serving amongst the Elseng people of Asia-Pacific, as he gains proficiency in the language and prepares to start “sharing the Message of Christ via Literacy, Translation, Lesson Development, and Teaching — some of the nuts and bolts of making disciples in a primitive context.” Jareb finishes with, “Please do pray that the members of our whole team here will learn what we must, not give in to feelings of discouragement, and finish well.”

Pei people group learning literacy soon

The church planting team serving amongst the Pei people group of Papua New Guinea are nearing a proficiency level where they can start a literacy program.

Punan Bible Translation Update

Since March, the first draft of both Philippians and 1 Timothy have been completed for the Punan people of Asia-Pacific. The team is also working on comprehension checking of the draft of Titus.

New Testament Bible Dedication

In just a couple of weeks, in the little village of Naplud, the SW Palawano New Testament will be dedicated. It is the fruit of 33 years labour by Bill and Donna Davis, many Palawanos, the Davis’ teammates and support missionaries, and all who have stood with them.

Elise Long writes, “The world may not notice or hear about the event, but we sure will, and the effect of the Word of God going out in the heart language of the Palawanos will no doubt also bear eternal fruit.”

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