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More than a check

Reading through Romans and Luke, and talking about the concepts in order to ensure a good translation, opens eyes to God’s truth.

We might be inclined to think of a lesson plan check or translation check being all about grammar, syntax, spelling and the like, but missionaries serving one people group are thrilled that that is just not true.

As they have been checking and clarifying the New Testament books of Romans and Luke as well as developing lesson plans for Romans, their translation co-workers have come to an understanding of truth they never had.

These believers who are maturing don’t just read back what has been translated; they explain what they understand deeply about the principles that are being communicated. This is such a great venue for learning and growing in their walk with God as misconceptions are corrected.

It’s opportunity “to really revel in the grace that God has shown to us believers in placing us into Christ. To understand our death, burial and resurrection with Him as the means by which we are separated from the power of control of the relentless, merciless, unchangeable tyrant, sin, which always leads to death and freed to become a slave to God which always results in eternal life! This was the first time that they have ever been taught through these biblical truths and God was so gracious and gave them a good understanding of what was said,” tribal missionaries explain.

These portions that are difficult to explain in any language, can light up the eyes of these tribal believers, who are helping with translation check, as they see the power of God’s grace and begin to have new spiritual understanding.

Getting to “the head of the talk,” which is how they put getting from Genesis through to finally the Resurrection, is a reality for tribal Bible teachers.

Many are asking us to, “Pray that God would use His Word, not mine, to bring about the obedience of faith for the sake of the name of Christ.”

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