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Name your giants

Obstacles and trials have been God’s opportunities.

For two mornings, the Flaugher family had been reading in Numbers 13 and 14 and discussing the story of God instructing His people to go and check out the land of Canaan. They talked about the damage inflicted by discouragement when the 10 brought back a negative report about giants in the land.

That report, says Scott Flaugher, had the power to make God’s people forget His promises to go before them, sustain them and provide for them.

“I’m glad we have God’s Word to remind us of how He has worked in the past in the lives of His people,” Scott writes.

Scott and his wife, Natasha, had been waiting expectantly on God for rain. “We were getting to the last drops of our water supply,” he says.

Scott checked the tanks and it was getting too close for comfort. “We were in reserve mode,” he writes.

He mentioned to Tasha, that it would be good to bathe the children in the river.

Scott has noticed that giants in his life, like running short on water, are great reminders of his dependence upon Jehovah-Jireh—the God Who provides.

After talking to Tasha about bathing the children in the river, Scott went out and looked up at the sky. He saw some dark clouds moving in their direction.

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