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'No longer just play'

Thud thud thud …

The distant sound of rice being pounded into flour summoned Cori Gervasi and me one morning last week. We joined our friends in the mandatory pounding of rice in preparation for the wedding that would take place that evening and on into the next day.

What a contrast to think back to when we first moved into this little Sekadau village. Everything was new and I could understand very little. When I was “helping” them pound rice I looked more like a little girl “helping” her mom wash dishes.

Today, however, Cori and I understood what all was going on and what was expected of us. We joined not just acquaintances but friends in helping to powder the rice that would soon be made into fried rice cakes and served at the wedding feast.

We were able to laugh at jokes, make our own, and just enjoy sharing life. And the help that we offer is no longer just play. We worked, we sweated and there are blisters to prove it. That night, as the marriage festivities continued, Cori and I not only attended, but acted as make-up and hair artists for the bride, groom and party. Who knew these talents of ours would come in handy?

I am so grateful to look back and see all that God has done. It is truly a blessing to be here, a privilege to serve and be a part of the Sekadau people’s lives. Knowing them personally inspires me all the more to finish language study in a timely way and be able to join the translation effort here.

I simply cannot wait for them to possess the Bible in their own language.

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