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Now it's time to teach

Women and Children

Simon Flanagan’s study of Mengen is complete, so soon he’ll present Firm Foundation Bible lessons.

Simon Flanagan has just completed his language and culture study.

Testing lasted for three days. Some of the things Simon had to do to show his proficiency in the Mengen language were to explain how paper is made and then how the rain works from evaporation onward. Simon passed with flying colors and is now able to help his teammates with the work load.

“Get out your knee pads, as we need your prayers,” Simon told his partners.

Simon will begin teaching the Firm Foundation Bible lessons and writing lessons to be translated back into English. These lessons will be used by more experienced missionaries to check whether the lessons communicate the message well in the Mengen language.

As Simon begins to teach the Firm Foundation Bible lessons he will be teaching in one home where a cult member lives. The cult family member is exerting pressure for their relative to stop listening to the Gospel teaching. Many Mengens are experiencing adversity but they continue to listen faithfully.

“Pray that God would help me to be clear as I teach the gospel lessons and that I would have freedom in the Mengen language,” Simon asked.

Simon’s wife, Annika, is still in the midst of studying the culture and language of the Mengens. Pray that she will soon finish. Pray that the Mengen believers who work with Simon and Annika will grow in their understanding of God’s Word. Pray, too, that God will work in the hearts of the cult members who are so opposed to the Gospel message and that they will desire to hear His Word.

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