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Now the Menya know the end of the story!

Checking their Understanding

In addition to the formal teaching times to the Menya people, the Chappells and Osborns met with the people to get an idea of what the people were understanding and to help solidify the teaching, all the while pointing them back to the Word.

They Listened to Satan

One of those families they met with was Francis and Rita. It was clear that even in the early stage of teaching that the ground was being prepared for the gospel message. They had taken to heart the recent lessons about Adam and Eve and the fall of mankind.
When Joseph Osborn asked Francis and Rita about Adam and Eve’s sin, Francis explained to Joseph how they disobeyed God’s direct command in the Garden and listened to Satan instead.

No Choice but to Sin

And Francis was very clear on the impact of their sin. “Because of this, they corrupted our nature. We’re done. Now we don’t live rightly. Their corrupted nature is still in us. If we do religious acts or anything else, we don’t become righteous. The reason is that they have already corrupted our very nature. We can’t escape this — our nature. We still have it.”
Rita echoed Francis’ reply, “We still have it. Their sinfulness remains with us — we can’t escape it.”
Though they are finding themselves helpless in their sin, they also know that hope is coming. Joseph followed up by asking them who can fix this corrupted nature that we now have.
Rita knew the answer, but not the specifics — at least not at that time. “God Himself must fix our nature. Only He can do it,” she said.
And then last week happened. Rita heard the specifics. She heard of Jesus’ finished work on the cross. And she didn’t have to be told twice. In faith, Rita responded.

Cross Day from Joseph Osborn on Vimeo.

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