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Old nature versus the new

Missionary Carolyn Crockett is helping Bumani, a Moi believer, teach evangelistic Bible lessons to his mother and his new wife.

“Every time we teach them,” wrote Carolyn, “Bumani thanks the Lord first for his new wife and how she’s a gift from the Lord and that they are one flesh. He feels quite responsible for this task of teaching them God’s Word and takes it very seriously.”

Recently Carolyn’s husband, Steve, taught the Mois concerning the “war between the old nature and the new nature” and as they walked out of the service, Bumani and Odedi, another Moi believer, began a “war” with each other.

In typical Moi fashion, bow strings were snapping, people hooting and hollering, and ladies were running around in middle ground waving their walking sticks to stop the arrows that were about to fly.

Things calmed down when Patibeu began preaching right in the midst of all the mayhem. Standing in the middle of them he held up his Bible and said “This is what we are living for. This is what lasts. Don’t live for the things of this world like shell money and worldly wealth. They are temporary and you can’t take them to Heaven with you when you die”

Pray for the missionaries ministering among the Mois. Pray also for the Moi believers as they learn to apply scriptural principles to their lives.

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